Access Projects

Specialist: Hunterston ‘B’ Power Station

Project: Hunterston ‘B’ Power Station
Client: EDF Energy
Value: £600,000.
Project Reference Number C14 – 007
Award Date: August 2014
Completion Date: November 2015


The replacement of the glazing panels has been taking place over a number of years. This project seeks to provide a long term solution for the glazing on the charge hall. Due to ageing of the glazing components there are occasions when glazing panels come adrift from their fixings causing potential Nuclear Safety issues in terms of water entering the charge hall area and industrial Safety issues in relation to the glazing falling to the ground below.


  • The project seeks to refurbish and increase the lifespan of the charge hall glazing without the need to be fully replacing all glazing panels. (Circa 6120 No glazing panels).


  • Utilising our own Skyform Access Cradles and Skyform Rope Access personnel we were able to offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution for the above objective, working at heights up to 35m inside the charge hall, our operatives applied a 6 stage fully reinforced flexible membrane bonding 25mm of glass, to and over the existing glazing bars and 25mm onto the adjacent glass panels, providing a safe, secure and long term weatherproofing solution for the glazing.

    Business Benefits

  • This project contributes to the business 65TWh ambition by preventing water ingress to fuel route areas causing potential criticality and reliability issues. The project supports life extension of Hunterston ‘B’ through the provision of a refurbished glazing solution that will support station operation to end of station life
  • Skyform Special Projects Division have been commended by both our Client (Workplace Solutions Ltd) and the end user (EDF Energy) on the professionalism and quality of all the works carried out to date.